Panel was overzealous in recommendations

The Active Mobility Advisory Panel has been a bit overzealous in its recommendations for personal mobility device (PMD) users and cyclists.

PMDs and bicycles are here to stay and for good reasons: commuting and alleviating the load on public transport, exercise, family bonding and more.

They just need to be used responsibly. To that end, helmets for any road user on an open vehicle (motorcycles and bicycles) should be mandatory.

Similarly, when approaching a road crossing, all pedestrians, PMD users, cyclists and motorists should slow down and stop if necessary.

Road users should give way to those crossing the road.

My family often encounter motorists who stop for us to cycle across zebra crossings.

We have also had to stop short when motorists zoom across zebra crossings without paying any heed to us.

It all boils down to individual responsibility and showing consideration for others.

Reducing the speed limit to 10kmh is unrealistic and unnecessary.

PMDs usually cruise at around 11kmh to 12kmh. This may drop further for heavier users or when the battery is not fully charged.

So, 15kmh is a suitable speed for all pavements and pathways, provided everyone exercises care and responsibility.

Otherwise, accidents will happen even at 10kmh.

Adam Reutens-Tan

A version of this article appeared in the print edition of The Straits Times on August 28, 2018, with the headline 'Panel was overzealous in recommendations'. Subscribe