Pakistan should not be blamed for failures in Afghanistan

I refer to the commentary by Mr Devesh Kapur on Pakistan and its institutions (Asia's hierarchies of humiliations; July 15).

Irrespective of Mr Kapur's views, Pakistan's strategic importance is an undeniable fact, which neither requires "cosying up" with other countries, nor can it be wished away by those who seek every opportunity to malign Pakistan.

Pakistan believes in and has always endeavoured for peaceful co-existence with all its neighbours, including India.

It has also had a longstanding relationship with Afghanistan, which has been founded on strong bonds of faith, culture, kinship and shared history.

A peaceful and stable Afghanistan is vital to the realisation of our vision of a peaceful and prosperous region.

The setbacks and failures in Afghanistan should not be blamed on Pakistan.

It is disappointing when some elements, who have no interest in peace in Afghanistan and who want to damage Afghan-Pakistani relations, resort to rhetoric to blame Pakistan.

Pakistan is a stable democracy, governed by rule of law under a revived Constitution that clearly lays down the role of various institutions and supremacy of the Parliament.

The country's army stands by the democratic government and its institutions.

Nighat Shah

Press Counsellor

Pakistan High Commission

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