PA security procedure factors in road safety as well

We thank Mr Steven Lim Soo Huat for his feedback (PA's security protocol creates more threats; Nov 1).

Our security procedure requires all visitors to register at the guardhouse and obtain a pass in order to gain entry into People's Association (PA) headquarters.

Only authorised and pre-registered vehicles are allowed to enter and park within the PA premises.

The flow of traffic requires visitors who have to obtain passes to exit and make a short loop back into the premises for inspection before they are allowed in.

This is done in full view of our security officers.

This procedure is to minimise the potential for accidents.

We regret that Mr Lim had an unpleasant experience and we will work with our security company to improve our visitors' experience.

Foo Soon Leng (Ms)

Senior Director (Building & Estate Management)

for Chief Executive Director

People's Association

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