Overuse of SG50 logo by companies

In celebration of SG50, a prominent logo was created, one which, by now, is recognised by most people here.

Companies would naturally like to be associated with the celebration, and probably see it as a good marketing strategy.

Hence, almost every product I see, from snacks to toys and stationery, has the SG50 logo on it. This makes me wonder if these products were specially made for the event or if the logo is being used just to increase sales.

It would be upsetting if it is the latter case. Do firms need to jump on the bandwagon and brand their products with this logo?

Do the companies really have the intention of celebrating Singapore's major milestone with the products? This practice may not have serious consequences, but it makes me wonder if organisations are drifting away from the true intentions of SG50.

Shermaine Ho, 18,
second-year polytechnic student

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