Overcoming Gojek's major challenges

Since the Grab-Uber merger, Grab has dominated the ride-hailing market here. Now that Indonesia-based Gojek has entered the Singaporean market, Grab will need to improve its quality of service.

One of the major challenges Gojek faces here is a lack of drivers, as many self-employed drivers are currently listed with Grab.

For Gojek to overcome this, it needs to organise driver recruitment campaigns by rolling out greater incentives for its potential drivers. These include allowing drivers to easily withdraw from their virtual wallets, a points system that can be converted into cash and a minimum hourly earning rate.

Another struggle Gojek faces is inadequate demand. With plenty of travel options available in Singapore, Gojek has to reinvent its product to distinguish itself from all its competitors. To counteract this, Gojek must add more services - such as its plan to offer household cleaning services - to increase its versatility.

Carel Carita Choo, 21

Undergraduate student

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