Outdoor adventure education: MOE to work with various partners

The National Outdoor Adventure Education Master Plan caters to all our students, who have different levels of interest towards the outdoors ("Let private firms have a slice of outdoor education pie" by Mr Lye Yen Kai; last Wednesday).

It increases their exposure to the outdoors to develop resilience, teamwork and other competencies needed for life, as well as outdoor skills.

All students will first be introduced to outdoor experiences from Primary 1 and 2 through the Programme for Active Learning, acquire outdoor skills through PE lessons, and deepen their learning through application at three cohort camps.

Students can choose to enjoy more outdoor experiences, both locally and overseas, through their co-curricular activities (CCAs) and leadership development opportunities.

Those who are even more interested in the outdoors can pursue it through outdoor adventure clubs in their schools or beyond.

With the significant increase in outdoor adventure education, the Ministry of Education (MOE) needs to work with partners to deliver it safely.

This will be through a mix of increasing internal capacity through MOE's outdoor adventure educators and teacher training, as well as partnering Outward Bound School and the private outdoor adventure education service providers.

There will continue to be opportunities for private service providers in cohort camps, and outdoor activities for CCA and student leader groups. Providers will be able to use MOE's Outdoor Adventure Learning Centres.

We find it advantageous to tap the diversity, expertise and passion found in the wide range of service providers.

MOE is glad that several service providers set up the Outdoor Learning and Adventure Education Association in February to share their expertise, agree on standards in the industry, and raise the quality of programmes and staff competencies.

MOE met the president, Mr Lye, and other members of the Outdoor Learning and Adventure Education Association on April 4, together with Dr Tan Lai Yong, chairman of the advisory panel for outdoor adventure learning.

MOE will continue to engage the association as we want to encourage quality service providers with competent staff, and ensure the learning and safety of our students.

With our various partners, we can raise the quality and quantity of outdoor adventure learning programmes for our students' benefit.

Liew Wei Li (Ms)

Divisional Director Student Development Curriculum Division

Ministry of Education

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