Options to hire part-time domestic help already available here

We thank Mr Ishwar Mahtani for his letter (Consider allowing households to share maids; Sept 5).

The employer of a maid has other obligations besides paying her salary. These include providing for the upkeep of the domestic maid and her medical treatment, and subsequently sending her home at the end of her employment.

Today, the employer is fully responsible for the maid's well-being throughout her stay in Singapore.

Having the maid work for more than one employer with multiple duties and higher expectations could lead not only to her being overworked, but also to disputes over who should be liable for the maid's well-being.

Households that do not need full-time domestic help can already opt for part-time help through companies that specialise in house cleaning or care services.

This alternative allows households to select the frequency of services provided according to their needs.

It is important that domestic maids are well taken care of. Given these considerations, the sharing of maids is not practical or necessary.

Caryn Lim (Ms)


Foreign Manpower Unit

Ministry of Manpower

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