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Opposition parties should have bigger goal

Mr Teo Kueh Liang was right to say that opposition parties in Singapore are not up to par in comparison with the ruling party (Room for opposition parties to improve; Oct 8).

Unlike their counterparts in many other countries, they are interested only in getting a voice in Parliament to offer their views, critiques and suggestions on national matters, and be watchdogs, although this is an important role.

They are not interested in forming an alternative government to that of the People's Action Party (PAP).

The Workers' Party (WP), the leading opposition party, has said as much. So it is not equipping itself for a full-fledged battle with the PAP.

The platform the WP adopts indicates it accepts PAP rule and the stability, peace, prosperity and the First World standard of living generated.

Therefore, with the good life the citizens are enjoying, there is no cause to rebel and upset the apple cart.

It is a compliment to the PAP, although unwittingly given, and is a situation unique to Singapore.

In many other countries, the opposition is ever ready to topple the government of the day because of poverty, internal strife and other maladies.

Still, for the good of Singapore, it would be wise for the opposition to be ready and able to take over, should there be a need for a change of government.

Anthony Oei

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