Open doors, revel in one another's traditions

Halloween has traditional religious roots, but in many parts of the world, such as in the United States, it has taken on a more commercial dimension, with fun and revelry being the order of the day.

The American tradition of celebrating Halloween has been gathering momentum in Singapore in recent years ("Halloween revellers descend on Woodgrove"; Sunday).

There is lots of trick-or-treating and partying, with pumpkins and toy bats, spiders and skeletons decorating entire gardens and homes.

What a lovely way to bring people together without taking things too seriously, and where socialising and sharing are the order of the day and night.

The opening of doors to all brings back memories of the old kampung days in Singapore, when neighbours visited one another during the various festive periods and indulged in one another's hospitality, especially good food, and understood and respected one another's practices and traditions.

Such mingling should be encouraged, especially if it brings people together.

Most importantly, children have a good time during such Halloween fun.

Halloween generates a vibe far from the spooky type, but one that promotes human interaction.

Manoraj Rajathurai

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