Open-design condos may not work

I have serious reservations about the direction for condominiums here (Future condos could have open design, fewer fences; Oct 2).

I reside in a mature condo estate in River Valley and, from time to time, I would encounter outsiders as well as visitors of residents in our gym and swimming pool.

Our condo has had to step up security and take other stringent actions in an attempt to put a stop to this.

The open-design concept for condos is well-intentioned. It is aimed at tearing down the walls between those in the public and private housing communities.

But this noble concept may not work in Singapore.

Are members of the public going to be allowed to use the facilities of the condo? Who will manage these communal facilities, which are currently enjoyed only by the private residents? Who will pay the monthly maintenance fee for their upkeep?

It will be especially problematic if these facilities are on the ground floor. But even if residents-only facilities are located on the upper floors, outsiders/visitors might still be able to sneak in to use them.

Condos need not only proper fencing but also old-fashioned security guards on site to ensure the safety, security and well-being of all residents in the estate.

Damian Ng Swee Beng

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