Extended paternity leave

Online claim system being enhanced

We thank Mr Lim Weng Kheong for his feedback ("Infrastructure must better support policies"; Jan 7).

In August last year, the Government announced that it would increase the Government-Paid Paternity Leave (GPPL) for fathers by an additional week. Employers who voluntarily grant their staff the additional week of leave can apply for reimbursement of the cost from the Government.

To implement the GPPL enhancement, changes have to be made to the online claim system. After the changes are made, the system also has to be tested for robustness and accuracy.

The modified online claim system will be ready for use by employers from the middle of this year.

We apologise to employers who may be inconvenienced in the interim.

We thank Mr Lim and other supportive employers who have voluntarily granted their staff an additional week of paternity leave.

We look forward to working with them to support Singaporean fathers in becoming more active parents.

Cynthia Chan (Ms)


Family Services Division

Ministry of Social and Family Development

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