What can be done to create an atmosphere where people are not afraid to ask and learn more about a different race?

Empty yourself of what you think you know about another race, and ask in order to learn. Listen.

There is no discussion if you haven't educated yourself properly, haven't made friends with people of different races and haven't opened your mind and life to different experiences lived by people of different races or cultures.

Joei Huang

Start by being tactful, mindful, sensible and sensitive when discussing race and religion. If the objective is to win, then don't even start the discussion. If it's for clarity, then we will grow.

Danny Kwok

Do you think culling is a good way to control the wild boar population? How else can we deal with the issue?

Leave them alone please. If there's something we need to control, it's our human population and how wildlife is diminishing.

Alfred Tan

If public safety is a concern, create a sanctuary for wild animals and fence off certain parts of the area.

Don Tng

If we can accommodate foreign talents here, we can also accommodate nature in its diversity within our eco-system.

We have to get used to the situation and find ways around it.

The future plans we have for this land should be inclusive for all living things around us. In turn, this will be our branding.

Chunmu Chan

Create sanctuaries, crossings with educational programmes about conservation, and so on.

These, in turn, become tourist attractions and nature reserves, bringing associated lucrative opportunities.

We have such great minds in Singapore, set up a think-tank for local conservation efforts.

Any concerns about safety can be ironed out.

We can do what other countries are doing. Time to change our mentality and rise up to the challenge. Culling is a lazy option.

Min Lim

How can we help foster a culture of good service?

In order for a culture of customer service excellence to grow and thrive, management must have a burning desire for it to be that way, and must... ensure that this desire spreads throughout the organisation and remains there permanently.

You must become a totally customer-focused organisation. Everyone, starting from the top, must believe that they work for the customer.

Management must make the measurement of service quality and feedback from the customer a basic part of everyone's work.

This information must be available and understood by everyone, no matter what their level.

Sangha Vandana

Ban service tax. Move to the tipping system.

Dare Chia

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