Why is the number of divorces increasing here? What can be done to tackle this issue?

Compulsory premarital counselling to help remove any misconceptions.

Anna Loo

Don't get married because of social pressure, either from friends, relatives or your loved ones. Only you know when you are ready. Don't be pressured by social media as well.

Samuel Choong

Don't marry young, when your life is still changing and you aren't done with your character-forming years. Expectations and values change and only stabilise in your 30s.

Juliet Low

It's just a matter of how much you want it to work... how much you want to stay.

Henry Nicholas Ng

Is it possible to quash the aspiration to own a car as a status symbol? How can such a mindset be changed?

Let's be frank. The only reason there are not more car owners here is the high cost of cars.

Most guys would want a car the moment they think they can "afford" one, and not meeting that aspiration means something of a failure. Hard to change our mindset.

Alvin Lee

This is a symptom, not the disease itself. The disease is related to the certificates of entitlement and all of the other taxes involved in buying and operating a car in Singapore.

Travis Lin

Make them so cheap that everyone can afford one, so it will no longer be a symbol of status.

Jeff Ten

Sometimes, it's not about social aspiration, it's about convenience.

Amy Alexa Lim

Owning a car should not be seen as chasing after a luxury. Who would not switch to public transport if it is easy to transport things that get frowned upon on buses and trains?

Ken Koh

Do products in the market lack an environmentally friendly focus? How can goods be made more green?

Individually plastic-wrapped bananas at convenient stores, juice extracted from coconuts and put into individual packs at supermarkets... no need to be more green for these, just go back to their original "packaging".

Eyan Qiu

First of all, why are green goods so expensive?

Jim Chua

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