In the light of recent terrorist threats in the region, are there sufficient safeguards at our MRT stations?

Metal detectors will slow down the movements of commuters. CCTVs and alert security personnel will be more effective and responsive.

Harry Chia

Most of the security personnel I see at MRT stations are either on their cellphones or sitting there daydreaming. So far, I have not seen any active ones.

Schiffon Winnie Chan

Took the MRT this morning. The moment the security guard saw a man dragging a suitcase past the ticket gate, he immediately asked him to step aside for a security check. This gave me the assurance that the security guards are doing their jobs diligently.

Hari Rajan

Whether it is an auto detector or manual screening, more needs to be done. Currently, there is nothing in place except some MRT staff sitting near the gantries. I hardly see them carry out any checks.

Terrorists today no longer need to leave a bag unattended, like in the past. They are not afraid to die... So the message to the public should be no longer limited to being vigilant and keeping a lookout for unattended bags. CCTVs are only helpful post-incident, not for prevention.

I don't think we are well prepared, and if terror strikes, we will all be caught unaware.

Perhaps national drills should be considered as well.

Rie Oka

Do banks in Singapore have enough deterrents against robbers. What can they learn from the recent StanChart heist?

It's common sense... have armed security guards in all banks.

Monica Fernandez

The banks in Johor Baru have armed guards who carry shotguns with them wherever they go... Singapore should increase the firepower of bank security guards too. And every bank outlet should have at least two to three guards to cover those out on toilet or lunch breaks.

Lloyd Sam There is no 100 per cent guarantee that a robbery won't happen. Employing an armed guard is not a sure deterrent either. The safest option is to install CCTVs that can capture everyone inside the bank at all angles, so whatever happens, the identity of the robber/s can be verified more quickly.

Peter Tan

A writer suggests that the concept of modesty is discriminatory and archaic, and should not be applied to today's society. Do you agree? Should modesty be considered when picking an outfit to wear?

Dress as you want but the fact remains that some men cannot control their urges just by looking at women, dressed modestly or otherwise. Just be extra careful when in crowded or quiet places as some just cannot keep their hands to themselves.

Siti Nor'aini A S

Modesty is a reflection of one's upbringing, one's values, one's morals, and most importantly, oneself.

Ai Ling Niel

Modesty at the right time and in the right place.

Maryanne Low Ambrosio

Dress however you want but take responsibility for what could happen to you.

Marjorie Ortiz

It is true that there is no justification for such crimes but what about this: Is there justification for provocation?

Kuyashii Qoo

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