What cultural offerings can Singapore develop to appeal to the global retail market?

Sighting orchids when overseas always reminds me of home. How can we make the orchid a national theme as pervasive as the tulip or the sakura?

Can we find inspiration in our environment? How about creating HDB block Tetris puzzles or kopitiam-themed eats like teh-c sweets and chwee kueh-flavoured crackers?

Maybe we can bank on the coding craze to create something of local interest. If students start to create games with local themes... then we will be moving in the right direction.

Cheryl Ng

We have Singlish, chicken rice, our multiracial culture and the ability to laugh at ourselves. We have a unique selling point - how we get along well with people of all religions and races. It's not about expensive buildings or malls, it's about the people.

Tang Alexis Rudi

Why do people still fall prey to phone scams? How can they keep themselves safe?

The moment someone unknown calls and demands money in return for gifts, just ignore the person totally.

Richardo Link

Sometimes, people fail to remain alert because they have never encountered such scams. If in doubt, always try and check with someone else.

Peter Tan

More focus has to be placed on educating the public. Organise more road shows on crime prevention, and distribute fliers on such phone scams and what people should do when they receive such calls.

Johnny Tan

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