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Facebook application logo is seen on a cellular phone.
Facebook application logo is seen on a cellular phone.PHOTO: DPA

Should work-related calls, e-mails be restricted to office hours?

Yes, normal e-mails and phone calls should be restricted to standard working hours except (if the worker is) on standby or duty.

Robin Teo

If you're a doctor or surgeon, and one of your patients develops serious complications which require your feedback, it is fair to expect to be interrupted... However, an accounts executive shouldn't bother (with calls and e-mails if) an employee cannot balance the figures.

Barring emergencies, work-related matters should be confined to office hours.

This, in itself, is discipline.

Tan Pin Ho

I used to lug my laptop/notebook home almost every weekday... just in case I needed to check something or respond to some urgent matter... I hardly opened the bag, let alone switch on the computer more than 10 times... in over 20 years.

Tsai Teck See

Drawing work-life boundaries should be the way for employees who are happy staying at a certain level. For more ambitious employees who want to climb the ladder, the boundaries are less clear. Bosses will definitely pick those who work overtime compared with those who cut off once they are out of the door.

Veronica Lee

Non-starter for multinational firms. At best, you have Friday nights off. But for local roles, I don't see the need to get that much past nine to five. Many meetings can be cut to 30 minutes... Colleagues in Europe stick to regular hours and get loads done.

Michelle Cheong

Certain industries like oil and gas require staff to be on call even after office hours as counterparties like oil terminals operate 24/7 and some work in different time zones.

Justin Major

How can we cultivate better gym etiquette in ActiveSG gyms?

The machines are not for you to sit (on) and play games and scroll (through) Facebook. Give the next person a chance. It's basic courtesy.

Sha Kosmoz

Inadequate facilities is the problem. Gym etiquette won't improve much (without the facilities).

Sean Yen ZiQin

Don't hog the stations, finish your reps and sets and move on. There are resting areas for you to sit at between reps.

Zulkifli Mamat

I like the Japanese system for gym usage... There is a board to write down who is currently using each set of equipment, limited to 30 minutes.

(The) next person writes his name to reserve the next slot. This forces the current user to (keep) to his 30 minutes.

I wasn't used to it at the beginning, but (now) I like it much more than the "hope the person is finishing his set/bro, can share/go up and ask him how many more sets" approach.

Guorong Hoe

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