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What do childcare centres need to do to justify raising fees?

If teachers get higher pay, I am okay with fee increases.

Spring Haruko Hsieh

From what I understand, nowadays most childcare teachers are graduates, so if you want the best then you have to pay the price.

Si Poh Yan

They should have to report their financial results, and there should be a cap on the percentage of profits they can make.

Wendy Yang

The monthly fees for some childcare centres are understated as the centres charge extra for on-site classes/activities such as gym, speech and drama, and various day tours. If regulators count the monthly fees on a all-in basis, the real picture is even worse.

Gao Changhong

A Forum contributor argues that tipping for good service is not a good practice. Do you agree?

Tipping should not be an entitlement for those who are in the industry, but definitely is a way for customers to appreciate good service. It should not be compulsory but be out of one's goodwill.

KM Chia

Totally agree we should not tip. It encourages low salaries for service jobs and unfair treatment between rich and poor.

I tip often when I travel because it is the way some countries are managed. But I do not think it is good for Singapore. I respect Japanese people and their culture and business. They do not accept tips, and do a good job because of their own pride.

Bar Boo

When I'm pleased with the service, and can see that service staff are working hard for the sake of customers, I don't mind putting some money in the tip box. I hope that at the end of the day, the money will be divided among them equally.

Having previously worked in the service line, every little monetary reward is appreciated.

Siti Nor'aini A S

I only tip when the tip goes to the server directly. Why tip the business entity for good service by the servers?

Simon Wallflower

Good service must never go unappreciated and should be shown by either a sincere verbal thank you and a smile and/or a tip. If possible, post about the good service on social media.

Harry Chia

Can't agree more. An innocent tip as an expression of gratitude can soon turn into an expectation.

It will eventually degenerate into only the rich getting decent service, while the less well-off are scoffed at.

Margaret Chong

Let people do it from their hearts naturally. Tips and bribes are different; tips are given with no strings attached, bribes ask for something in return.

Edna Teo

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