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Should there be a cap on surge-pricing charges for ride-hailing operators?

Passengers are not hapless victims. They can vote with their wallets by boycotting companies which use surge pricing to quote high fares.

Umm Yusof

Capping the prices would affect the way the free market works.

Andrew Loh

You can cap surge pricing, but you will also need to then set a minimum price for peak hours to balance it out.

Pah Yew Heng

Are there enough safeguards to ensure that food delivery companies transport food hygienically?

Improve the packaging to seal and tamper-proof (the food), and they need to keep the food warm at all times during transportation.

Robin Teo

It takes two sides to keep the food safe... If the caterer observes hygiene in food preparation but the customer fails to take precautions... the customer should not blame the caterer.

Peter Tan

I have seen many delivery bags from different companies left uncovered overnight on the floor in the Tanjong Pagar area. There are sure to be rats around.

Gervin Oh Ly

You can't have 100 per cent food safety, even if the preparation of the catered food is hygienic. From caterer to consumer, there are many deliveries, so you don't know if (the food) will get contaminated along the way.

Harry Chia

Should drivers with poor safety records be allowed to drive taxis?

Everyone behind the wheel has to ensure the safety of the public and himself. As long as the driver has accumulated certain demerit points and fines, he/she is suspended and supposed to pass a driving test before the driving licence is reissued... There should be shared data (from the Land Transport Authority) of these drivers with poor records.

Michelle Tan

Different taxi companies, I hear, have different ratings for their drivers... Maybe there should be a governing body to monitor/ qualify and provide guidance to drivers.

Stefan Low

Don't discriminate against taxi drivers. Anyone with poor safety records shouldn't be allowed to drive for a living. Trucks, forklifts, cranes, whatever.

Daniel Li

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