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Should nuisance neighbours who cause misery to others be evicted by HDB?

Yes. It's only right that nuisance neighbours be warned and evicted as a last resort. The nuisance neighbour gets away scot-free and the peace-loving law-abiding ones are made to pay a very heavy price.

Kelly Tham

Unfortunately, living in a community with scarce resources and limited space will test one's ability to be civic minded, and that's why there needs to be clearly defined rules and proper enforcement.

Without these, life in a community is basically impossible because each individual has a mind of his own - what bothers me perhaps won't bother you.

Mac Taghoier

Warning and fine first, then evict.

Mike Ng

If the current laws are inadequate to deal with such inconsiderate, self-centred behaviour, then the laws need to be amended.

Simon Tan

Why should we evict our neighbours? We should reach out to them to understand what they're facing as a community.

Chrissam Ng

The authorities must find the root of the problem; for example, send offenders for assessment if mental issues are the cause, rather than just turn to eviction. It will only aggravate the problem.

Lee HT

Need to find out the cause as to why they behave that way; could be some mental disorder that needs treatment urgently, if not, counselling should be the first option.

Peter Tan

If they are owners, then they can be charged for harassment/ vandalism, or sued in court but never evicted.

Yt Lam

Only lessees can be evicted. But not owners.

Magdalene Shane Lee

What are some actions of people you've observed that help promote religious harmony?

I've actually met some Christians that attempted to tell me more about Christianity and debunk myths. They helped me learn more about Christianity, and promoted religious harmony in the process.

Wei Jien Teng

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