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Should expedition-based camps in school be replaced with community service activities?

Expedition-based camps and community service are not mutually exclusive events. They complement each other in educating our students. Singapore is too peaceful and wealthy, and we should let our students know how miserable people in other countries are living and teach them to be compassionate and helpful.

Loh Wai Poon

Perhaps they could work hand-in-hand. Either choose expedition camp or community service. Let the children decide. Teenagers should be able to make their own decisions.

Cheryl Bernadette Fong

Community service has to be done from the heart. The Ministry of Education should encourage students to do such activities outside of school independently.

Chelsea Victoria Ong

Should streaming in Singapore schools be made more fluid?

Slotting kids into pigeonholes at an early age is never good. Not for the students, and definitely not for the country.

Maya Todd

Slow is slow. Want to be better? Then work harder and smarter. Kids need to be taught to face the truth no matter how bad it may be.

William Suzuki

As far as I'm concerned, no one in my school has a problem with streaming. What I'd rather see are more effective and understanding teachers and a system that mitigates the effects of conflicting interests from family and school.

Ao Li

Should start times for schools be staggered so that bus operators can maximise the use of their vehicles and charge less?

If the parents want to send their children to specific schools not close to their home, they should have factored in the fact that they would have to send their children via public or private transport and should have done the necessary homework.

Margaret Lee

But it might affect a lot of other things, like after-school care and human jams, causing a ripple effect. Is it more effective? That's the question.

Sirius Lim

Never solve your problems by creating problems for others.

Toh Hong Chin

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