Aside from outreach initiatives, what are some informal ways politicians and civil servants can engage citizens?

Best would be unannounced walkabouts, without the accompaniment of grassroots leaders and all the "pre-visit preparation". Just an impromptu visit to talk to people and get feedback - that is where you get genuine sentiments. But it is not just about engagement. Citizens must feel comfortable to give genuine feedback, which may be unpleasant sometimes.

Sean Lim

Best way is over a mahjong or poker session with endless rounds of Guinness Stout.

Pang Heng Ong

How can the design of multi-storey carparks be improved?

Wider spaces. Ensure the driver's side is unobstructed by poorly placed pillars. Wider turning angles and ramps. Gentler slopes instead of sharp inclines. Move all the BlueSG cars to the highest floor. Remove humps on ramps.

Joel Luo

Why can't carparks use the same drive-through tech as ERP? The barriers are a real bottleneck.

Shawn Lim

There should be an indicator showing the availability of spaces on each level and a shorter route to upper levels compared with the conventional long loops in HDB carparks to go up and down.

Thomas Tay

No improvement needed. Or else carpark fees will be increased!

Eric Too

Should nature photographers be made to apply for a permit before being allowed to shoot in sensitive places?

We need licensed guides. That's the only way. And this provides viable employment for biologists and nature lovers.

Andy Wee

When a country progresses to First World status, animal rights become important as hunger, having a roof over one's head and transport needs have been taken care of. This is a First World issue.

Chang Meng Tat

Baiting wildlife just to get that perfect shot is not acceptable. Taking a photo of any animal in its natural habitat requires extreme patience, determination and luck. Many photographers with winning shots never use bait.

Peter Tan

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