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Should the practice of selling flats before they are built be scrapped in Singapore?

Yes! It's time the Government does just that given the drastic quality difference delivered by many foreign developers and small local developers, a lack of quality checks and control, and an irresponsible attitude towards defect rectification during the defects liability period.

Lee Soh Geok

This seems like a good idea against excessive speculation and would also be a check on developers too eager to build condos as this would limit their cash flow and, hence, their ability to take on projects.

Andrew Fann

What are some rules the Government can introduce to ensure that the interests of maids' employers are taken care of?

First and foremost, work permit cards should not bear employers' addresses. That way, employers will not be victimised when their maids take up loans from moneylenders. Maids are adults. They should be responsible for their own actions.

Second, why do employers have to pay the price when their maids get pregnant? Currently, employers have to buy an additional bond.

Finally, many maids these days work for their employers for a few days and then request to be sent home. Employers have to bear the cost of the air ticket. Is this fair? If there are so many laws protecting maids, it is only fair that there are laws protecting employers as well.

Megan Low

Have laws or work permit conditions that disqualify maids from getting such loans, or if they want to use an employer's address, they must be made to get the employer to go down with them to apply for the loan.

Mohamad Syahid Arif

Employers are not guarantors and not responsible for their (licensed) loans. Can we disqualify locals from borrowing too?

Nicholas Tay

Employers have no obligation to pay their maid's debt. The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) has to have stricter control over credit companies in the way they harass maids' employers.

In the same situation, would credit companies dare to collect debts from listed companies and create a ruckus at the company lobby over employees' debt?

It's an act of bullying the weak. The harassment laws are too lenient.

Rachael Percy

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