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Does one need to live abroad to better appreciate Singapore?

I live abroad and I miss only my family and the Singapore food.

Do I miss the high cost of living? Not really, as the San Francisco Bay Area is just as expensive.

The weather is nice. The work culture is excellent in most non-start-ups. There are plenty of things you can do that can't be done in Singapore, like climbing a hill higher than 400m.

There are downsides too. In a big city, there's pollution, human and dog excrement on the streets, incredible disparity in incomes and hence homeless folks and drug addicts living on the street.

Magdalene Shane Lee

I lived abroad for some time and what I can say is that a seemingly "almost perfect" place like Singapore may not necessarily be a place that many may call home.

Living abroad makes us realise that the places we grow up in may not really be the most suitable homes for us. It really depends on our personality, experiences and choices.

We cannot assume that only a perfect country constitutes home. Singapore, with all its benefits and high quality of life, just cannot compare to many other countries in terms of outlook, perspectives and beliefs.

Sometimes, we perceive other countries with our Singaporean perspectives and we forget how limited things can be in any country. Singapore itself is no exception.

Max Chan Weng Kin

For a person who refuses to open his mind, here or there, it won't matter. It depends on whether you have the willingness to understand people who are different from you - something you can do here too. Volunteer, mix with different groups, read. The problem is most Singaporeans do notwant to expand their horizons, and not that they lack opportunities to do so.

Min Lim

Singaporeans should move and live abroad. Leave when there is a chance;see more and understand what life truly is.

Simon Lee

I spent $300 on medical bills on a recent work trip to a country with a slightly higher GDP than Singapore. A similar treatment in Singapore would probably cost less than $100. I don't find Singapore too expensive a place to live in anymore.

There are many things in Singapore that I can whine about, but I find it more important to stay positive and learn to appreciate my homeland more.

JiaYi Lim

Should patients have a say in which parts of their medical records are entered into the national health database?

Why not? But in an emergency when one cannot talk, he cannot give his medical history.

Margaret Chong

The final decision and say should lie with each patient. It is fairer to seek their approval and not jump into something and make it compulsory.

Peter Tan

Should there be mandatory drug and alcohol tests for pilots of the plane before flights?

A pilot is supposed to abide by safety rules. He is responsible for the lives of hundreds travelling from one place to another.

Having a mandatory alcohol test before each flight is necessary.

Lai Yin Lee

Random checks with high penalties for failing the tests should be good.

There should be a way for cabin crew to stop pilots who smell of booze from flying too.

Andie Lim

For Singapore Airlines (SIA), the alcohol test for their pilots is not necessary as the airline's reputation for passenger safety and Singapore's intolerance for indiscretion is well known worldwide. It will show a lack of respect and trust for SIA pilots.

Henry Chia

This has nothing to do with respect; it's about safety.

Anyway, respect is earned, not conferred. Mandatory testing before each flight isn't showing disrespect.

Anna Hand

If the writer is concerned about disrespect, then random testing could be more disrespectful.

Imagine the same pilot being asked to be tested a few times in a row. While it might be random, he might see it as unfair and targeted.

Mandatory tests are the fairest way to ensure a sober and competent pilot is on board.

Jason Chen

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