How can we encourage more discourse on old-age experiences and death?

To some people, the topic of death is taboo. Many fail to accept that death is a way of life and that everyone must face it one day. It is not correct to say that talking about it means one will see death come knocking soon.

Peter Tan

One very big issue about ageing in place is manpower. There aren't enough doctors, nurses and healthcare workers.

Grace Ho Lim

Would a compulsory programme for employers on looking after foreign domestic workers help to curb abuse?

It works both ways, not just for employers.

Mohamad Syahid Bin Arif

I'd rather MOM invest in a system of compulsory regular interviews with domestic workers. The interviews are to ensure the helper can report not just abuse, but also problems like work stress and disagreements with employers.

Patricia Rozario

If you need to be trained to treat another human with dignity and respect, you should not be in any position to hire anyone.

Zullkarnain Aziz

To curb abuse, it is better to show the employers the consequences. Show them how many went to jail for it. This will likely deter them from abusing foreign domestic workers.

Finn Finn

Would preventing people from smoking in their homes be a step in the right direction, or a step too far?

Banning smoking in one's flat is going a bit too far. I'm a non-smoker but if my neighbour's smoke enters my unit, I will just shut my window.

Zhang Miao

Living in urban and compartmental HDB flats, we have to have a good measure of tolerance; otherwise we would be living in a troublesome and divisive environment.

Soo Tommy Leong

On a few occasions, my neighbour's cigarette butt ended up in our living room balcony. Imagine if there was something that could easily catch fire in my balcony, then who would be responsible for that accident? I hope the authorities will come up with a decision and enforce it.

May Yin

I don't want the Government regulating what we do in our homes. I'm a non-smoker, by the way.

Justin Koh

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