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Is introducing dynamic pricing for public buses and trains a good idea?

The prices should remain the same, but give rebates to those who take public transport during off-peak hours.

Vince Tan

Great idea! But only implement this for working adults aged 21 to 55. Children, youth and the pioneer generation should be let off.

Colin Chionh

Public transport is a public service. No one, at any time of the day, should be penalised for needing to take the bus because the price is unaffordable. What mode of transport is he left with then?

It's time to draw a clear and unequivocal distinction between that which is public and that which is private. The former must never be profit-driven.

Noreen Au

Not a good idea. Focus on services with flat fares and concession passes instead.

Wei Jien Teng

What happens when the train you are on has a fault and there is a delay during peak hours? Does dynamic pricing during peak hours still apply?

Larry Wong Thu Peng

This is a basic service for the masses. Dynamic pricing is discrimination against the less well-off. It will just increase inequality and public anger.

Boris Chan

I can choose not to take a taxi when prices are high, but are you telling me not to take the train during peak hours? Why don't people get that certain public services should only break even?

Florence Wong

It's a bad idea! Then we will end up paying a lot for travel to and from work! Most employers are not supportive of flexible working hours or working from home - so many people will not be able to avoid travelling during peak hours.

It may also encourage those who can afford it to buy cars instead.

Lisa Loh

This is public transport. The aim should not be to make money. Maybe we will have surge pricing at hawker centres next?

William Tay

Should Singapore scale back its Smart Nation drive in some sectors?

Of course, we should. There is a dearth of talented cyber-security personnel in Singapore. We can scale up the efforts again when the infrastructure is in place.

Jimmy Beany

Hacking incidents should not put us off from the pursuit to be a Smart Nation. Instead, we must get to the bottom of the issue, take new measures and implement them to prevent the same mistake from re-occurring.

Peter Tan

We should not scale back, but we should slow the pace of the Smart Nation drive, making sure as much as possible that all anticipated entry points for hacking are covered.

Harry Chia

Let's be realistic - no cyber defence strategy in the world would definitely protect us from all cyber attacks.

The key here would be to isolate all critical information in a disconnected mainframe, and guard it 24/7. Anyone who needs access to the information must seek approval, and use clean storage devices to copy the data.

Andrew Fann

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