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Is it a waste for the abandoned oBikes to be scrapped? Should they be repurposed?

This doesn't solve the problem of indiscriminate parking. Not everyone has the space to keep a bike. How does making everyone own one solve anything?

Lee Qing Yee

Repurpose for the Singapore Police Force's patrolling use. Repurpose to provide NSFs with transport in and out of base, or within the base.

David Chow

Donate to other countries, where the villagers and their families may need them the most, as many people have to walk barefoot for long distances.

CH Edwina

Why not put them on Pulau Ubin so that visitors can use them, or in camps which have long walking distances to barracks? A proper system - a simple registration - would help to keep them in place with terms and conditions.

Victor Sg

Maybe we can refurbish these bikes and sell them to the public. At least these bikes can be repurposed for private use.

Danish Mohamed

Auction them off. Maybe other operators want them or can sell them to other countries... Use the money to compensate people who can prove they had deposits.

Travis Lin

Will offering a cash incentive to former sex offenders help them stay crime-free?

"I started out as a sex offender because I needed the money", said no sex offender ever. Address the root of the problem instead!

Eileen Liow

I think the best way is to get ex-offenders employed. Being engaged in society influences a person to not deviate too much from societal norms.

Isaac Chng

Get to the root of the problem. Counselling can help them hash out their problems. Please don't monetise sexual offences.

Maya Korrs

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