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What can local football clubs do to develop young talent? Would this improve our national football teams?

What is most important is to get the crowds to go down and watch the teams play. No player can perform if there are just a few hundred spectators. Renaming clubs after estates - like, Toa Payoh FC, Ang Mo Kio United - may give supporters a sense of belonging. Once crowds build up, sponsors will follow.

Ryan Lee Tian Hua

We can never reach world-class standard if players are unable to earn a decent living from it.

Bar Boo

There is no future for professional players here... If they can obtain a good education, why become a pro footballer, which does not pay that well?

Peter Tan

There is no way Singapore can ever make it if there are no full-time players. Here, one must study, work and play sports! Rubbish! Sponsor them and train them overseas full time.

Fashirah Parvin

As in any discipline, sporting talent must be developed from a young age. Start at the school level, sponsor games, honour the game and free it from politics.

Ken Koh

Should insurance coverage be made mandatory for users of personal mobility devices (PMDs) and bicycles?

I agree that insurance and vehicle licensing should be introduced to curb reckless riders. However, this in itself would not stop them unless the same rules as for car users are applied, such as a point system.

Margaret Lee

PMD users must buy insurance so that if any accident occurs, victims can claim from their insurance.

Gallen LLim

You think they will be slower even with insurance? Toughen the punishment and raise awareness to see results.

Victor Tan

Without a proper driving licence for PMD use, do you think an insurer will want to take the risk of covering third-party liability?

Nur Azman

For PMDs, yes. But for bicycles? That would be crazy.

Kiara Ten

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