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Should bigger dogs be allowed in Housing Board flats? How can negative perceptions towards the animals be changed?

Big or small, don't blame the dog. Blame the owners who didn't put in effort to train them.

Sindhu Rk

Yes, please! So more dogs can be adopted.

Shirley Pickard Uksg

Yes. Most big dogs are friendly. It's the type of dog and not their size that matters.

Gary Ong

Yes, 80 per cent of residents stay in public housing. Naturally, big dogs should be allowed in HDB flats so that more stray dogs can be taken off the streets. As the modern family size has shrunk, having a dog can fill the empty nests.

Priscilla Poh Beng Hoon

A writer says that it is vital to build up the physical, emotional and mental resilience of our young people in order to combat depression. In what ways can this be achieved?

The social stigma of depression should be worked on. Depression is a sickness just like the flu. One needs to seek medical attention. Having depression doesn't mean one is mad.

Lai Yin Lee

More awareness and also early detection of depression helps. Provide more avenues for people to seek help. Clinical depression requires long-term medical treatment and subsidies. No amount of "building up" can help in this case.

Jimmy Beany

Do you agree with the view that schools offering only the Normal (Technical) stream are short-changing their students in terms of decreased aspirations and social mixing? Why?

Has anyone asked the students in these specialised schools what they think? How can those of us who are merely observers say what is right and what is wrong?

Margaret Lee

Teachers need to change their mindset... Give NT students the opportunity and confidence to take any O-level subject.

Kok Mei Hui

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