Should it be compulsory for couples planning to marry to attend a marriage preparation course?

It might be helpful, but it depends on the couple. Some are more caught up with the wedding than the marriage. They think they can either cross the bridge when they get to it or that the other party will change to accommodate.

Margaret Chong

If it is going to save many years of sorrow and pain, why not?

Jacqueline Harrison-Foo

I would certainly encourage that. It is a very responsible thing to do for oneself and one's life partner. It will ensure that both partners will start their married life journey with some form of mutual understanding and work at the marriage together.

Chan May San

Absolute waste of time... no one learns anything because people are in too big a rush to get married.

Graham Lavery

Deciding whether to get married is not exactly a scientific process. Often, it's the heart that counts and both parties believing in "till death do us part" and working on the marriage. A preparatory course will complicate things.

Colin Loh

It should not be forced on anyone. Why make it compulsory and make getting married so cumbersome?

Christine Tiyu

Compulsory? Absolutely not. But it should be available for couples who believe that such a course would be beneficial for them.

Barry Smyth

Sports is a powerful tool to unite people, but is it the ticket out of one's social class?

The odds of a child succeeding in sport professionally - even in a massive market like the United States - is absolutely minuscule. For every Christiano Ronaldo or LeBron James, thousands of aspiring athletes fall by the wayside, forgotten.

Jackson Lee

Singapore is a wealthy country, and can bring riches and fame to some deserving sportsmen if they can prove themselves.

Loh Wai Poon

Does ego stand in the way of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) working together? How can these businesses better collaborate and "hunt in a pack" overseas?

Isn't hunting in a pack undesirable, as it may lead to cartel behaviour? Who will be willing to share knowledge without some form of collusion on pricing strategy?

Eng Hiang Yeo

One must understand that many SMEs are tightly controlled family businesses. It is also their culture not to trust employees and business associates. The system has proved to work well. Why should they upset a system that has been tried and tested?

Ah Kow Tan

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