Would bringing back estate duty tax help reduce inequality in society? Why or why not?

Just increase the income tax, especially the top tax bracket, to reduce inequality.

Colin Loh

So people who work hard should be taxed more? Wouldn't it be better to tax consumption so that the wealthy pay more?

George Huang

Those who excel in school sports do not always go on to become top athletes. Why is this so? How do we develop more Joseph Schoolings?

"School sports" teams do not allow the child to train to the utmost of his physical ability, especially with exams every year hanging over their heads.

Umm Yusof

Less focus on academics. Let true athletes focus on their sports.

Liew Rui Qing

Schooling's parents saw his potential and invested. They're getting good returns. I wouldn't want the Government to throw money on this.

John Lee

A writer says that teachers must not describe a child in a way that may hurt the feelings of parents. Do you agree? How can parent-teacher meetings be made more conducive?

Definitely agree that labels should not be used on children.

Labels can likely affect children psychologically in the long run if they are used on prolonged basis.

Soon Joo Kuo

It's all right to point out the child's weakness but teachers also need to explain how they and the school are helping the child and what the parents can do to support them. Don't just list all the weaknesses and expect parents to perform magic. It's about working together.

PS Wong

If the feedback is genuine and constructive, parents ought to take it positively and work with teachers to improve the situation. This is the best way to help their precious children, no?

Tin Ling

Sometimes teachers have real concerns, such as learning disabilities or anti-social behaviour. Dismissing their feedback means the child may not get the professional help he needs to improve.

Umm Yusof

Teachers should not hint at parents to get tutors for their kids during parent-teacher meetings.

Lai Yin Lee

Has raising cigarette prices worked to stop smokers from indulging in the habit? What more can be done?

Ban sale of cigarettes in Singapore completely, like how we have banned chewing gum.

Robin Tze Seng Ng

Triple the price or make it even four or five times its current price. I heard a secondary school student say cigarettes are cheap as they only cost about $2 per stick.

Tiffany Tang

It's not for the Government to ban everything considered as detrimental to our health. We have the first responsibility of looking after ourselves and families.

Alan Tham

Perhaps the Government should find a way to make cigarettes as luxury items beyond the reach of the lower-income, eventually forcing them to quit smoking.

James Wang

Disallow cigarette companies from introducing new flavours. Disallow new cigarette brands from being imported into Singapore. Reduce designated smoking areas. Ban smoking in coffee shops.

Say Thye Ng

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