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How have norms on marriage and family changed? Should attitudes towards cohabitation and divorce be relaxed?

Easy cohabitation and/or divorce makes partners more likely to keep an emotional and financial "emergency exit" instead of truly committing to each other. They are also less likely to have kids under such uncertain conditions.

Umm Yusof

A strong marriage begets emotionally strong children. Let us not tinker with societal norms in the name of liberal, relaxed attitudes only for the next generation to pay the price.

Veronique A. Dawson

I am afraid that relaxing divorce laws and encouraging cohabitation will dilute the message of marriage as something for committed adults. A strong marriage will also serve as a model for our next generation to... develop tenacity to nurture a committed marriage relationship of their own.

Asher Eng

Cohabitation or getting divorced is neither a crime nor morally wrong. It is not a shame either. It is a decision made by educated Singaporeans about their lives and (others) should accept that.

Harry Chia

How can we better support our small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and prepare them to power our economy forward?

SMEs should be allowed to be bold and take risks and not be hampered by the Economic Development Board or Enterprise Singapore. Just because it is deemed a risky investment does not mean that it will not work. Look at Jack Ma.

Margaret Lee

Many have said the Government has helped SMEs, but the Urban Redevelopment Authority has imposed strict regulations on small industries over using their industrial unit spaces.

Kok Nong Foo

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