Should commuters be allowed to stand on either side of MRT escalators, instead of having to keep left?

Yes! Using both sides is more efficient. Those who are in a rush can use the staircase.

Chan Chee Heng

It's inconsiderate to block both sides of escalators.

Sweeleng Yeoh

Don't tweak something that is already working.

Khyree Adriel Tan

To use the escalator safely, the best practice is for users to remain still and not move about. If commuters are in a hurry, they can use the stairs instead. I have observed that most prefer to stand on the left, while only a small percentage of commuters use the right side to walk up or down. Isn't it more efficient to have commuters standing on both sides to optimise the functionality of the escalators?

Angie Chloe Eng

Standing on both sides of the escalator facilitates faster movement as more people can use it at the same time. And wear and tear of the escalator is not confined to one side.

Wilkie Ong Keng Soon

Should school sports teams be gender-neutral?

No, it might give rise to bullying and harassment. A sport should be fair in matching similar physiques.

Juan Lee

I doubt its feasibility, especially in games such as football, basketball and rugby. The disparity in physical strength and speed between the two sexes is too great.

Benjamin Chew

Yes, of course.The apparent physical, mental, emotional and socio-cultural benefits of participating in sports have been, until recently, largely denied to girls.

So it isn't surprising that girls don't participate in school sports to the same degree as boys do.

Andrew Singh

Will allowing students to use gadgets like iPads in class boost learning?

Some schools have tried to go high-tech in their classes and have found that the downsides far outweigh the good.

While students have become more tech-savvy, many do not know how to write or spell or use grammar properly.

Margaret Lee

It really depends on the subject. For subjects like science, it might be better to have hands-on learning, whereas interactive software can enhance the learning experience for subjects like maths.

That said, the health impacts must be considered, too, and the time on these gadgets must be regulated so as to prevent issues like eye problems.

Sean Lim

No, it will not be fair if pupils in only some schools get to use such technology.

Either it is available to every student or none at all.

Peter Tan

I think technology can definitely be used to make lessons more interesting.

A 10-page biology text describing the circulatory system can definitely come alive in a 5-minute graphic presentation of how the heart actually pumps blood.

Once lessons become interesting, you can be assured that students will want to learn more! The only concern is the issue of cost.

Matthew Chua Boon Hou

Nothing beats good teachers.

Richard Tan

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