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Are fears that smart lamp posts threaten privacy overblown?

What about the CCTV cameras all over Singapore? Are they also not a threat to our privacy?

Stephen FY Teng

A way to safeguard privacy is to restrict access to the information collected by these lamp posts.

Andrew Fann

If you have no nefarious intentions and are a law-abiding person, there is nothing to hide. The authorities will have to ensure that the footage from these lamp posts is accessible only on a need-to-know basis.

Au Kah Kay

Should busking be allowed to be a person's sole source of income?

I doubt buskers can rely on the money they earn from busking as a "sole source of income". However, if there are buskers who decide to make it their day job, who are we to tell them what they can or cannot do?

Jermaine Lee

If they do not do any harm, leave them be. They make streets active and interesting.

Philip Arthur Cloney

If the person is talented enough and able to make a living via busking, why not? They are not committing any crime.

Darryl Kang

Should the sea burial facility be located in a place far away from public sight?

Like how nature parks are created for protecting animals, the sea burial facility should also be an enclosed space used specially for that purpose, and not mixed with other activities like fishing, swimming or boating.

Peter Tan

I don't think it is about hiding it from public sight. It's about giving people some private and quiet time to send off their loved ones.

Shirley Tan

There must be a separation to prevent uneasiness in people. We must respect the fact that death is not something everyone feels comfortable about.

Wilkie Ong Keng Soon

Of course, locate it away from the sight of the public. After seeing ashes and pots and fruits floating in the water, I would not want to spend my day out with my kids explaining something so sombre to them.

Thomas Andrew


Would banning power-assisted personal mobility devices (PMDs) from pedestrian walkways be effective in reducing accidents?

We need to get all PMD users to attend an education briefing on safe use. To ban PMDs is too drastic a step as there are considerate users out there too.

Wilkie Ong Keng Soon

Yes, this can reduce accidents involving pedestrians. But pushing PMDs to the road would be dangerous for PMD riders and other motorists.

Leonie R Tan

I would not support a permanent ban - we should move forward and not backwards in keeping up with technological advances and their use in improving the efficiency of our daily activities. But, we should take some time to think about what behaviours are desired and how to implement them.

Christina Teh

A tax on bicycles and power-assisted PMDs would suffice to pay for a new cycle lane for them. Plus, PMD users should get a licence and pass a basic theory and practical test, just like motorists.

Jackie Ling

It's like asking whether banning cars from roads will reduce accidents. Instead of a ban, please step up enforcement and fine the black sheep.

Travis Lin

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