Does our future lie more in invention than innovation? How can we tweak our education system to develop creativity?

The education system will have to have a conducive environment for creativity. It will have to be one that encourages different ideas, questions the status quo and combines those ideas to come up with a new one.

Theo De Roza

Creativity can't be taught. We all have creative minds that can only be inspired or developed, but never taught.

What can be done is to provide ideas that may inspire students to develop what they already have. Saying that schools should teach creativity is saying that students do not have creative minds.

Andrew Singh

Most students do not even have time to finish their homework, let alone have free time to be creative.

Wie Lim

We could have modular technology-related programmes included within our curriculum. For example, coding lessons.

Kheng Leong Fong

Should MasterChef Singapore be aired in Mandarin on Channel 8?

It is just a show. Why are people here always trying to be politically correct? This is wrong, that is wrong; we must be "good" and "right". Oh come on, wake up to the real world.

Niklas Fredriksson

Discrimination exists in one way or another. It is just how you choose to live with it. So what if this programme is changed to English? Then would it be discrimination against the elderly who are not English-educated?

Riku Hakugen

Since it is MasterChef Singapore, then it should be fair to all. Some Chinese cannot even speak Mandarin fluently.

If viewership is the main concern, change the title. Is Gordon Ramsay going to "curse and swear" in Mandarin?

Forget about the China market, it already has its own version.

Evonne Sim No, the contest should be open to all Singaporeans and not a selected ethnic group. Almost all Singaporeans are able to speak English.

Michael Tan

Have you made preparations for your twilight years? How can more people be encouraged to do so?

Have a regular exercise regime. Buy an apartment within your means to free up more cash for retirement needs.

Only by ensuring health and wealth can a person truly enjoy his golden years.

Sau Yee Fong

I am laying this foundation for myself right now. Not 50 yet, but good to start early.

Elizabeth Phua

Prepare for your 40s and 50s by not spending in the moment. Do not be dependent on family or friends. Go for annual medical check-ups if you can. If you are not financially independent, please be realistic and find work.

Harry Chia

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