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Should hawker centres have more open spaces for works of art or performances? Will this attract more young people to become hawker-preneurs?

Please use whatever funds to keep the hawker centres clean, prices decent, cool and not stuffy, and the hawker centre (naturally with decent or good food) will thrive.

Colette Lim

Hawker centres are meant for all, including the low income. Do not turn them into hipster hang-outs with crazy prices.

Teri Tan

In order to attract customers, the centre must offer quality food at affordable and reasonable prices. One way to attract younger hawkers is to lower the rental rates and owners can pass their savings to the customers by selling their food at a lower price, a win-win situation.

Peter Tan

More open spaces but difficult to find tables. This is the situation at the new hawker centre in Pasir Ris. It made me think twice after one visit.

Ong Her Hua

Should the facility to top up travel cards by cash be retained at MRT stations?

Going cashless cannot be an end in itself. It would be shortsighted to go cashless just because another country has done so or if we would save a few pennies that are spent in topping up cash in the ticketing machines. The aim of public transport should be to serve as many people as possible - this requires commuters to have multiple payment options, including cash.

Rajkumar Vaikhari

Most domestic helpers working in Singapore do not have bank accounts to maintain the minimum sum. Therefore, we need to reconsider removing the cash machine.

Shirlena Tong

If Nets or credit card machines break down, cash is still king. And for tourists, will the train operator absorb the card charges?

Sharingan Ismadi

Many here talk about foreigners "topping up" ez-link cards. From what I understand, LTA still allows ez-link cards to be purchased using cash. Only the top-up is via credit/debit.

On the subject that the elderly do not have bank accounts or are not IT savvy - all CPF withdrawals are to bank accounts (do correct me if I am mistaken) and also all banks offer debit cards now, no more pure ATM cards. For those without CPF, yes bank account is an issue but then it would mean topping up the ez-link cards at bus interchanges instead. Generally there are still a lot of places to top up ez-link cards with cash and LTA is merely removing this facility at MRT stations to ease the crowd. To change and embrace it is tough, but we still need to take that direction in order to truly go cashless.

Willie Neo

Should short-term rentals of HDB flats be allowed?

HDB flats are for owner occupation by law. However, as (owners) grow older and their kids move out, they should be allowed to put the vacant rooms up for short-term rent. This will help to supplement their income.

Harry Chia

HDB must not allow flats to be turned into Airbnb lodgings, which are short-term rentals.

It could create safety and security problems for the neighbours and block area.

James Wang

Why not let those involved and affected by it choose instead? Perhaps HDB can have a rule that short-term rentals can be allowed only if your neighbours directly above, directly below and those sharing the same corridor agree.

Andrew Fann

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