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How can drivers keep themselves safe when they drive in other countries?

It is a challenge to drive in countries where you drive on the right side of the road, rather than the left (like in Singapore). Always remind yourself the driver is always next to the road divider. If there is a great time zone difference, don't drive immediately; instead have one or two days rest to adjust.

Evelyn Ng

I'm almost certain that driver fatigue is the biggest cause of these fatalities... Inexperienced drivers will very possibly overestimate their ability to stay awake at the wheel. Make sure to take breaks every two hours at a rest stop. Better to be late and stay alive.

Vincent Law

The rule of thumb is to take it slow. When in doubt, give way first, watch out for traffic in all directions... and give yourself the opportunity to acclimatise.

J SP Filmer

Research speed limits, weather conditions, type of tyres, type of cars, names of cities and places of interests, emergency numbers and protocol.

Check the rental cars before driving. Always have a co-driver. Take a power nap if you need to. Don't drive when you are sleepy or intoxicated. Always have some snacks and water handy.

Avoid driving after dark. Plan your route and have back-up devices and maps. Don't panic if things are not what you expect.

Huiyi Liang-Leo

Do you agree that bridging the class divide should start among the young in school? What can be done to reduce the gap?

The bigger issue is our society's measurement of success or status by material things. This is getting worse with all the social media boasting.

Jason Yip

If you want to compare with egalitarian societies like those in Scandinavian countries, where the social divide is narrow, consider that these countries have the most generous social benefits and handouts for its citizens . Only when the social security safety network is strong can there be a narrowing of class divide.

Au Kah Kay

A better spread of rewards for all in an organisation should be imposed. For bonuses, the lower income should be given more months than top earners. A worker earning $2,000 a month gets only $6,000 if there is a three-month bonus. But a CEO earning $200,000 a month gets $600,000 bonus.

Allan Tan

What makes a divided society? Starting from policymakers coming from schools which were designated for the rich and the elites. The lack of moral studies in our education system.

Patrick Yuin

Is it possible to blur the lines between classes? Is it inevitable that we band together with people of similar backgrounds and similar interests?

To try and blur the lines between classes could mean having different classes all on equal footing. Which means having access to the same quality of teachers, tuition teachers and other tools. Money will have to be involved to provide the means.

Theo De Roza

Let's create a strong Singaporean identity and more interest in national issues, then all Singaporeans will gravitate towards each other.

Jason Yip

There is no line and no class divide. It is all in the mind. Even children of hawkers, taxi drivers, cleaners, convicts and so on can achieve and move up the social ladder. What matters is one's resolve.

Wong Choon

We have to live with the class division but to officially accept it as normal is a step backward from equality. Equality is a virtue or ideal we are aiming for.

Loh Wai Poon

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