Should alkaline hydrolysis be considered here? Is it a dignified way to treat the dead? Whether any burial method is dignified is subjective. This is just another way to ensure the dead get returned to the environment in their constituent proteins and amino acids.

Cremation was also deemed undignified until many Christian sects allowed it in the last century.

Lester Lam

Dissolving a normal body might be feasible but what about bodies which are diseased? Wouldn't it be disastrous for our waste water management system?

Isa Fang I'm not sure pathogens would be able to survive the kind of alkali strength it would take to dissolve a human body in three hours.

Vivian Liew

Cremation is clean and simple. No fuss, sea burial follows. Don't use chemicals as a substitute for something we all are used to.

Harry Chia After three generations, no one remembers who is who. That explains the abandoned tombs and urns in the columbariums.

Jasmine Lim-Jal

Is it appropriate to mark the bicentennial of Raffles' arrival?

We have to embrace our history, whether marked by Malay, Chinese, Indian or White. There were individuals from all these communities who made positive contributions to Singapore; nothing wrong with commemorating them.

Ivan Lau

It is always important to embrace history, good or bad. Don't be like the right-wing Japanese who whitewash the World War II atrocities or the Chinese who forget the hardships they created during the Great Leap Forward.

Kaede Tseng

We already have all these roads, statues, buildings and so on to remember our colonial past, so why put up an event to celebrate 200 years of colonialism?

Loh Wai Poon

I am not in favour of removing "English sounding" road names... So what if they were named by the British? They are a part of our heritage. If you want to name new streets with Chinese, Malay or Indian names, then go ahead. But no need to remove existing names.

Shahana Sakura

English language is a colonial legacy too.

Martyn See

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