Should there be more regulations when hiring a domestic helper for caregiving duties, compared with a maid for household chores?

There should be separate tiers for caregivers and those doing housework. Employers just don't understand how tough and demanding the job is and not many can take it. It requires training and commitment, and should come with incentives of higher pay.

Sangha Vandana

Not all maids can take care of the elderly and those who can should be paid more because their jobs are tougher.

Yeow H Tan

The roles of caregiver and domestic helper can be blended into one.

I think it is about time management, training and the work attitude of the helper.

But the employer must be fair to the helper, be understanding and learn to give and take.

Wendy Wong

As a maid, I agree that caregivers and those doing housework should be treated differently.

When you look after someone who is disabled or bedridden and still need to do housework, it is very tiring.

Santi Rahmawati Wijaya

Should the speed limit be raised during non-peak hours? What are the pros and cons of roads having different speed limits throughout the day?

It would be confusing and cause endless arguments and appeals when people get fined for speeding.

Fai Fairuzy The problem lies with small goods vehicles that travel in the fast lane at 70kmh. They will claim that they, too, are overtaking larger vehicles that travel at 50kmh or 60kmh. Yes, all speed limits should be raised.

Joseph Chin

There should be different speed limits for different lanes. Increase the speed to 110kmh for lane one. If you are driving between 80kmh and 100kmh, you should not be driving in that lane. All drivers should keep lane one free at all times.

Jia Liang Sim

Speed has little to do with safety; lack of attention does.

Muhammad Yusuf Norseni

On certain expressways, there are design flaws... causing congestion almost any time of the day.

Jabez Chai

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