Do you think the "grey brigade" is a force to be reckoned with?

There would be many more opportunities in today's information age if the seniors were willing to pick up IT skills and also new ways of working.

Calvin Yong

If a senior rejoins the labour force, he cannot expect a senior position.

And if he reports to a superior who is young enough to be his grandchild, can he take the pressure? Let's be pragmatic.

Sangha Vandana

What features would you look for in a private bike-sharing scheme?

How about a discount on insurance premiums after clocking a certain mileage? That would be promoting a healthier lifestyle that involves the bike-sharing scheme.

Theo De Roza

The operators should set up makeshift bike bays at HDB void decks.

Ong ZK

Bicycle-parking areas in HDB blocks and MRT stations are dumping grounds for unwanted and abandoned bikes. We should address this problem first... There is really no space for legitimate users and those who really need to park their bikes.

Wilkie Ong Keng  Soon

I have seen way too many bicycles thrown around in public spaces to think that this is a good idea... this is just littering.

Mac Taghoier

Should breastfeeding mothers have to cover up?

Some babies get really fussy when latching on under a cover, many cannot wait for their mums to go to a breastfeeding room or some mums just simply do not wish to feed their babies using bottles. Respect their ways of feeding their babies.

Leticia Malphettes

No one is against breastfeeding, but a confined public place like inside a train carriage is not the right place to do it.

Francis Chong

Women have been breastfeeding their kids all this while in public, but they have been doing so discreetly.

Lai Yin Lee

Why is it so difficult to cover up or look for a place which is less crowded? There are also child-feeding rooms in almost every shopping mall.

Rose Gonmei

The mother is happy, the baby is happy, the men who watch are happy. So you have to ask: Who are those that are not happy, and can they turn their heads away and mind their own business?

Richard Tan

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