How can we educate students more about mental health? What changes to our culture are needed so students do not become distressed?

Make counselling part of the school curriculum. Teach students counselling skills.

Shirley Woon

Educate parents to moderate their expectations, and not make their children live their dreams.

Teach and guide the young to know their own worth, instead of judging them by how much they can deliver.

Wong Maximus Carol-Joy

Let's work on the prevention aspect first: Don't stress them with tonnes of assignments and student/school rankings.

Chng Sam

I read Failing Forward by John Maxwell, a great book that brings across an important point: Everyone will face failure and disappointment in life. That's life. The important part is having healthy aspirations, learning how to face failure and move forward. Maybe schools and families can consider covering this topic.

Alicia Hoe

Why is there such a difference in the level of hype between the Olympics and Paralympics? How can we spark more interest in the Paralympics?

The Paralympics get depicted more as feats of courage than as a sporting event. People should admire the disabled athletes for what they achieve, not focus on their disabilities.That there is no integration between the Olympics and Paralympics only increases the sense that disabled athletes are inherently different.

Sangha Vandana

It makes more sense to hold the Paralympics before the Olympics, as there will be more attention given to the former. Organisers can also use the Paralympics to test and improve facilities, protocols and so on, before the Olympics.

Loh Wai Poon

Offer the same incentives, rewards, support and so on to all athletes, Paralympian or not.

Reginald Ashton

This is not about hype, but about human nature. Mankind admires beauty and shuns "imperfections". It's the sad truth. But in rising above their challenges, para-athletes should always remember that they are above all of us.

Sam Low

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