What are the pros and cons of driverless cars? Would you consider using one?

If we have unresolved problems with driverless trains, like the LRT, which run only on fixed tracks, it would be worse for driverless cars, which need to run on busy roads.

Ng Chee Seng

It would lead to more unemployment for drivers.

Philip Ng

Driverless cars can solve "phantom" traffic jams, which happen for no apparent reason, and eliminate "stop-go" waves of traffic. Such cars can also accelerate at the exact same time when traffic light turns green and stop for red lights, allowing more cars to move past junctions. And there will be no more road rage: Cars will give way to cars.

Mathew Ng

Driverless cars may still have problems in bad weather. They may, for instance, struggle to recognise that the light shining off a puddle is harmless.

Convincing regulators to allow fully driverless cars on the street is the next hurdle. Insurers and consumers also need to be won over. If such cars can be introduced first in designated areas to prove their worth in avoiding accidents and reducing congestion, that might help.

Sangha Vandana

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