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On the road towards more streets for people

It is indeed the intention of the Government to make Singapore a car-lite and more people-friendly city ("Make more streets people-friendly"; last Sunday).

We hope to achieve this progressivelyby galvanising public support through events like Car-Free Sunday SG and, at the same time, enhancing our public transport and infrastructure to accommodate different modes of active mobility.

The support of the community is paramount. Since 2013, the Urban Redevelopment Authority has worked hand in hand with community stakeholders to create numerous weekend car-free zones across the city.

Today, a total of 18 roads are closed to cars on a regular basis, turning roads such as Haji Lane, Club Street/Ann Siang Hill, Circular Road and Liang Seah Street into vibrant car-free zones buzzing with people and activities. Most of these street closures are totally sustained by the efforts of local stakeholders.

The Streets for People programme launched in July last year aims to encourage more people to step forward to initiate temporary car-free zones in their community. It is heartening that in about a year, nine ground-up initiatives have already been implemented at various streets such as Keong Saik Road, Maju Avenue and, more recently, Caseen Street. We hope such efforts will in time help spread the support for a city that places emphasis on people over cars.

The journey towards a car-lite city is one that takes not only the commitment of the Government, but also the support and active participation of the community. Together, we can create an even greener, liveable and more inclusive city.

Andrew David Fassam

Senior Director (Urban Design) Urban Redevelopment Authority

A version of this article appeared in the print edition of The Sunday Times on July 10, 2016, with the headline 'On the road towards more streets for people'. Print Edition | Subscribe