On occasions, time is needed to investigate, resolve issues

We refer to Mr Peh Chwee Hoe's letter (Go beyond acknowledgement letters; June 2).

On May 14, we received feedback from Mr Peh on three separate issues.

We informed him that we would require more time to review the issues as investigations and site visits may be warranted.

The first two issues he raised - one on traffic-light timing and the other on road signs - were less complex, and although they required some degree of investigation, the Land Transport Authority (LTA) got back to Mr Peh on May 24 and 28, respectively. Both issues were resolved within two weeks.

The third issue concerned a contractor carrying out works on the road.

As the contractor was engaged by another government agency, we needed more time to check.

An interim update was provided to Mr Peh on May 31, approximately two weeks after we first heard from him.

On completion of the investigations, we updated him again on June 6.

In all these cases, the process of managing feedback was documented carefully.

We would like to assure the public that the LTA takes all feedback seriously.

William Wong (Mr)

Director, Service Quality & Culture

Land Transport Authority

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