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How have you shown or demonstrated support for the special needs community? What can be done to foster a more inclusive society so as not to isolate those with special needs from the general population?

We should ask the special needs community how others have not been inclusive: Know the problem first, then solve it.

I think the worst is society's intolerance for those with challenging behaviours, and it is probably the reaction that makes parents and family of the special needs person feel very isolated and not understood.

It is also challenging to navigate an uncontrolled environment, that is, the community at large, so that certain behaviours and meltdowns will not be triggered in people with special needs.

How can we make it easier for them?

Provide places of refuge where they can retreat to and calm down from sensory overload.

Christina Teh

How should employers deal with a worker who has an infectious disease?

People with infectious diseases such as tuberculosis (TB) become rapidly non-infectious once they are put on appropriate treatment...

Stigma only drives people underground and delay prompt diagnosis and treatment.

It is, hence, in the interest of the workplace and society to provide support to people with infectious diseases such as TB.

Ling Chiam

Employers should support and assist workers in completing their treatment, and not penalise them...

Staff should not be fired just because they have a treatable infectious disease such as tuberculosis (TB)...

The fear of being fired may mean that people will not be so willing to be diagnosed or get treatment.

Without treatment, TB is infectious. In the end, more people will get TB and the whole community suffers.

Tiffany Bobo Tan

How should content providers like Netflix protect their rights without tussling over virtual private network access? Are territory-based restrictions an effective solution?

Using a virtual private network (VPN) is not stealing, it is the studios and TV chains that need to get their act together; licensing rights need to be broader.

Saying that people need to embrace copyright protection is an irrelevant argument.

People do respect it - that is why they pay, rather than go to torrent sites.

People just don't want to get ripped off.

The Internet is global, and content should be too.

Sangha Vandana

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