On Facebook: Should hawker food be included in the Singapore Michelin Guide?

Should hawker food be included in the Singapore Michelin Guide?

The Michelin Guides list the best of the culinary crafts. Our best hawkers deserve global recognition. And for those who think these reviewers don't know their food and tastes, just look at what they've done in Hong Kong and Japan. It's about time Singapore food was put on the world map - it deserves to be there.

Jeffrey Yeo

Hawker fare should stay as it is. Affordable, readily available and attractive to all classes. Branding hawker food runs counter to its origins and may destroy the virtue of it all - the real McCoy without the pressure to compete.

Ken Koh

What should the Football Association of Singapore's (FAS) next move be, now that the LionsXII are out of the Malaysia Super League?

Invite selected clubs within Asean to play in the S-League.

Harry Chia

Let the FAS run the LionsXII as a team to play in the S-League. This way, the LionsXII can remain as the national team to play international games.

John Goh

Send the top players overseas, let the bench warmers go to S-League clubs to get match experience... The leftover ones can form a team with some players from Courts Young Lions and compete in the S-League.

Mohsien Hanafi

Are children carrying overly heavy loads to school every day? Will providing lockers help to ease their load?

My primary school had lockers outside the classrooms. My secondary school had drawers beneath our desks. But we were not allowed to leave behind our books in them. The school's reason? If we were leaving behind our books in class, we were clearly not studying at home.

Ju Nuo Ning

Change the design of textbooks. Have more volumes rather than pack everything into one or two books. Or design the textbooks with removable sections so students need only carry the relevant ones to class.

TS Seah

Why do children need textbooks? Drop the load and carry an iPad. Have all textbook material and worksheets on a cloud system.

Sally Chua

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