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What are the pros and cons of globalisation? How can Singaporeans manage the benefits and challenges?

Globalisation is a speedy process of changes in humans, aided by easy and fast transportation and, of course, the Internet. It brings the good, the bad and the ugly. So live it or stay isolated.

Soo Tommy Leong

Are the features in toilets here enough to encourage users to wash their hands? What can be improved?

Water flow is slow and weak in public toilets... In the end, either people take longer to wash their hands, wasting more water, or hygiene is sacrificed.

Vivian Tan

Good to wash, and important not to fling water everywhere. One problem is that many don't wash and all share a common door handle before exiting.

Bertram Lee

One issue lies with the person himself. If he is not particular, then nothing will help.

Walter Loo

Tell our students how dirty the flush button is, show them microscopic images of the bacteria on the button and toilet paper. Make them paranoid.

Chai Kovs Kee

What are the characteristics of good Singapore food? How can we ensure our hawker culture and know-how are preserved?

The best person to judge whether the food is good and worth paying for is the customer himself. Depending on others to give a rating does not always mean they are right - one man's taste is not the same as another man's.

Peter Tan

I don't need frills and fanfare. Just give me no-frills food to fill my stomach that is value for money, and I am more than content.

Sangha Vandana

There are plenty of good food and food outlets which are unnoticed and unnamed in Singapore. Inexpensive, clean and delicious food offerings are real winners.

James Wang

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