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Does playing Pokemon Go pose too much risk? Should the authorities exert more control over the game?

Accidents will happen with or without the app. It's the user, not the tool. Stop blaming everything on the app.

Kevin Ey Nakok

Ultimately, games are simply for leisure. Instead of focusing on the negativity, why not focus on educating the public?

Chew Chin Sian

I think there are legitimate concerns highlighted. What if your place of residence has a PokeStop and someone decides to harass your family by spamming lures 24/7?

Weicong Sng

Playing Pokemon Go should be restricted to public parks only. Encourage people to go to nature areas rather than become a hazard to themselves and others.

Jimmy Beany

Nowadays, there are already so many walking "smartphone zombies" around. Better not have it here or more accidents will happen on the road. These people don't watch out for traffic at all... with this game, it will be worse.

Jeanette Goh

Is discipline a big problem in schools nowadays? At what point does punishment become abuse?

When a teacher "regularly" punishes for everything, verbally or by gesture, it becomes abuse. Discipline is for instances where major mistakes are done, for example smoking, stealing, breaking school rules.

Kayal Villi

Discipline is always a problem in school. Children are playful, careless, forgetful, even sometimes wild. But they can be reformed through constant care and instruction. Let us be patient and remind ourselves that children are children.

Loh Wai Poon

Yes, stop abuse. but, where do we draw the line?... I prefer to trust and give teachers the authority together with the responsibility to train my children, with the knowledge that there are principals and higher authorities to keep check.

Jeff Cym

Children are impressionable, so any harsh treatment may leave a lasting mark in their growing up... So those who have no love for children, no patience, cannot control their own emotions should not join the education field.

Phyllis Wong

What role does counselling play in our society? When should individuals seek out a counsellor?

Everyone need "translators" sometimes to really hear themselves or the other person. We all need to hear the truth about ourselves in a safe environment. We all need space to sort out how we feel or what we need.

Chacun Meilleur Ami

The general public tends to view counselling as a remedial function and emphasises immediate goals, such as problem-solution, tension reduction and the like... Counselling, in its spirit and essence, aims to assist the individual to develop, such that he becomes psychologically mature and is capable of realising his potentialities optimally.

Sangha Vandana

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