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What are the pros and cons of removing the retirement age here? Will this help older workers stay in the workforce?

It shouldn't be a fixed number for everyone. Different people have different needs and wants. Some can retire early because they have saved enough. Others may need to work longer or maybe they just like their job.

Goh Jun Hui

There are many jobs for seniors in Singapore. Certis Cisco, for one, is hiring a lot of senior workers. Government hospitals too.

Jasmond Ong

"No retirement age" is empty talk. Employers would not like to have workers aged 50 and up who are deemed slow and less productive. Foreign workers are young and cheap. This is the reality.

Soo Tommy Leong

What are the issues faced in reintegrating former offenders into society? Why are employers hesitant about hiring them?

Not everyone wants to believe or trust a former offender. They will always be sceptical over whether the person has really changed.

Peter Tan

For a start, non-sensitive posts in the civil service can be made available for ex-offenders. The Government can help by placing the suitable ones on internship and training. Get those who have succeeded in the journey to come back and help coach the others.

David Moses Heng

I am an ex-convict and did time for a drug-related offence. It is painful to be away from family. I did not waste any time while incarcerated. I continued my studies and am still continuing.

We, as ex-convicts, should do our part to prove firstly to ourselves, our families, then to society. We have to be strong to accept rejections. I know it's not going to be easy. For me, I take it as a challenge to prove that I am not what society thinks.

Isharrudin Isnin

Should non-academic achievements be given an Achievement Level grade of their own under the new PSLE grading system? Would this help develop a more holistic education system?

What are we telling children if we put a grade on character building or being a team player? They may grow up thinking they are being constantly assessed in every aspect of their lives... Can we have a not-so-competitive system?

Stephanie Chan

Things to cultivate interests, aesthetics and creativity should be enjoyed as they are. Please do not tie them to a return of some kind, such as to help get into a better school.

Li Li Chua

The moment a new grading criterion comes out, parents will flock to sign up extra classes for their children... Unless there is a complete abolishment of grading children, there's no use at all.

Cheryl Chong

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