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How should people dress when they are out in public? Are clothes like shorts appropriate?

Someone with the intention to do sick acts will do so regardless of the dressing of the victim. Furthermore, Singapore is hot and humid. It is very natural for women to wear shorts and sleeveless tops.

Eileen Kee

Other than at religious places, at work or ... at weddings (although I have attended a wedding at a hotel where some wore T-shirts, shorts and sandals), people should be able to wear whatever they please.

Mingli Lin

We may dress as we like but with decency, that is, to a standard of modesty. If we dress inappropriately, we may invite harm to ourselves. But that's not to say the lewd can take advantage.

Ray Choy

I have seen girls walking around in shorts so short and tight that they are practically underwear. I am a woman but I feel embarrassed for them. Certainly, there is no need to enforce a dress code, but people should adhere to some standards.

Victim blaming? Maybe, but we have seen it happening in other cases in our society now - what with pedestrians having to shoulder some blame for being knocked down by a car, and accident victims charged with not belting up.

Men should certainly control themselves, but women, too, have the responsibility not to put temptation in their way.

Illyanna Vee

How about focusing on educating people not to touch others in public, instead of focusing on the attire?

Carla Castle

Are our universities geared more towards research or teaching? Should there be a greater focus on the latter?

Identify academics who can teach to teach; those who can't should do research. Students are the ones who are short-changed when they are taught by those who have no passion or heart in teaching.

Wilkie Ong Keng Soon

Employ some professors who are more inclined towards teaching to achieve a more balanced approach.

Siah Jin Kim

All world-class universities are into research. If you need to be taught, go learn from the researchers.

Peter Tan

Research comes in two forms: one by students and the other by academic staff. Universities are generally moving towards research-based teaching, which may include flipped classroom, thesis writing and project work.

Another trend is the employment of full-time researchers in universities, which will not compromise on teaching.

Johnson Ong

It seems as if the onus is on the professors to inspire, but in tertiary education, the students must take more initiative in their learning.

Isaac Tan

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