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Should swimming pools be open only to those who pass a swimming proficiency test? What measures can be taken to ensure that pool users are safe?

The pool complex should limit the number of people entering the premises, just like carparks with electronic gantries. Just look at the number of people in a pool during weekends.

Aidan Seow

Six months after my son was born, we took him for baby swimming lessons at KK Women's and Children's Hospital. Babies are a natural in water. Five lessons and he could swim for 1.5m and hold on the ledge.

Lawrence Lee

Public pools are meant for the public to use. It does not matter whether the person is there to swim or simply to enjoy soaking in the water. Also, there are lifeguards to help if something happens. Toddlers should be in the wading pool under parental guidance at all times. It is the parents' responsibility.

Kevy Tan

Even proficient swimmers can meet with an accident and drown. I think it's more of common sense that we need to have for our own safety. Don't go to deeper pools if you can't swim. For instance, I can swim but am not good at it, so I always ensure that I can keep my head above water if I stand up, just in case.

The rules are already there in each pool but people just don't follow.

Richard Ng

How can awareness about domestic violence be raised so that victims will come forward to seek help?

We need to eradicate the mindset that what happens at home is private business. If it breaks the law, it becomes public interest.

Fale Andrew Lesa

No easy task for both the victims and various government agencies. Victims would not make known their suffering because of shame and disruptions to the family. It is more so when the issue is sexual in nature.

Soo Tommy Leong

Create a local drama about the ills of domestic violence. Teach children in school the reporting procedure when they see such cases happening.

Yap Thian Beng

Why has engineering been sidelined in Singapore? What can be done to boost its status?

The pay is low, compared with those in other professions.

Also, there is no recognition. Anyone, it seems, can be called an engineer.

Jason Leong

Engineers are always the ones blamed whenever anything goes wrong... the sales guys take the glory.

When people in sales overpromise and the engineering department can't do it, then it becomes the engineers' fault. When the engineers do try their best... in the end, it is still the sales guys credited with having the foresight that it is possible.

Kelvin Tong

The problem is that Singapore has no real need for very good engineers. Just application engineers to do the ground work; glorified technicians who move on to become managers.

But the good news is that engineers do well in other sectors like banking, finance and business. Their training in methodological approaches and analytical thinking makes learning the ropes in other fields much easier.

Yong C. Chua

Many of our Singapore leaders had engineering backgrounds. Since when have they been sidelined?

In fact, SMRT is so in need of engineers that it has offered up to $3,000 for successful staff referrals of engineer candidates.

Sangha Vandana

In what ways can companies do their part in meeting social needs in the community?

Other than helping the individual, they should also consider offering their services at various places of worship.

Peter Tan

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